Coupon Intro & Tips

I will have many posts on this topic, but to get started here are the basics…

Ways I Have Found to Save on Groceries and Household Supplies

-Check out take 5 minutes to watch her introductory video that fully explains her system. It makes using coupons quick and easy. I promise it will be worth you time.

-It is vital that you sign up for loyalty cards! Not only will you save money, but you can get other perks! For example, with a CVS card you get 2% back on your total purchases every quarter and all kinds of savings at the in-store magic coupon machine. Another great one is Kroger, with my Kroger plus card I get ten cents off a gallon at Shell gas stations when I accumulate 100 Kroger points. Also, register your email with your loyalty cards. I get email coupons for $5 off any $20 purchase at CVS all the time.

-When using coupons, make sure that you don’t get caught up in the marketing. Always ask yourself if you are really going to use the item. Also be careful because even with a coupon the generic brands may still be cheaper (unless the brand name is also on sale).

-Often great deals are hidden on the bottom or top third of the shelves. They have the most expensive items at eye level, so make sure to look around. For example, I saved $2 on tortillas the other day because I found discounted ones on the bottom shelf.

-Know your local store’s coupon policy. To find out, ask the manager at your store or check out their website. Some stores double coupons or accept competitors’ coupons. This could make a major difference in savings.

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