Swagbucks & Other Small Earners

For the first Making Money Monday post, I would like to review a few sites that have helped me bring in a *little* extra income these past few months. These methods aren’t going to bring in major cash, but I am able to bring in around $20 a month. Every little bit helps in my opinion!

Swagbucks– this is a rewards site that you earn points by searching the web, voting in daily polls, and various other activities. At first, I thought this had major earning potential, but I found myself spending extensive time on their site with minimal rewards. However, I have found time effective ways to earn 10 swag bucks a day on average. This (and having my husband sign up under me as a referral) has allowed me to accumulate enough points to redeem one $5 paypal credit a month since I joined. Then, I have this credit deposited directly into my bank account. There are many other great rewards including amazon gift cards.

My tips on efficient swag bucks earning:
– Download their toolbar and use it to search instead of Google. You get a swagbuck a day just for opening your browser and you get randomly awarded for searching.
– Vote on the daily poll and visit the survey site every day for two quick and easy bucks.
– Have family and friends sign up under your referral link (i.e. husband, kids, grandma, anyone who searches a lot)

I have found swagbucks to be an easy and efficient way to earn a little extra money. I am already using a search engine, I might as well get rewarded for it. Click here for more information.

Upromise– is a cash-back rewards program that helps you save for college and/or pay off student loans. I get cash back on purchases I would have made anyway. It is a great program with lots of creative ways to save. Click the link above to learn more.

Recycle Bank– I love this site! Check out my previous post here to see why. It helps me save at least $3 a month.

I hope these tips are helpful, and I would love to hear any creative ways you have found to earn a little extra cash and/or rewards.

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